CandidatesServicing Our Muses: Candidates

Muse Digital was created to serve the most brilliant minds in the digital sphere. They are to us, muses.

As a team, we’re motivated to connect with talented candidates, understand their goals and potential, and place them within leading tech teams. Watching them thrive and the magic that unfolds is truly rewarding.

Facilitating this, we represent a range of dynamic businesses across several sectors who entrust us with valuable insight into their organisational initiatives, projects and corporate culture. It’s this knowledge that helps us identify the best fit and provide honest and helpful counsel to both parties. Embracing a connection-led approach, our commitment to candidates includes:

  • Ensuring face-time – we’ll meet to gain a firm grasp on your experience, values and aspirations
  • Providing honest, unbiased and insight-based career advice, when sought
  • Always operating with the candidates’ best interest at heart
  • Keeping abreast of all industry-relevant news, events and opportunities to ensure we are well positioned to advise
  • Operating with transparency, honesty, integrity and discretion at all times and remaining invested in candidate’s goals and aspirations.

If you’re in design or technology and open to expanding your professional network, we’d love to hear from you.


At Muse Digital, we know that great talent often recognises other great talent when they see it. With this in mind, we offer a referral fee for any successfully placed candidate. If you’re interested in benefiting from the company you keep, we’d love to hear from you.