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Muse Digital is a boutique recruitment agency based in Melbourne that works with design and technology talent.

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MuseA connection-led approach to recruiting and scaling design teams

Muse Digital is a boutique Melbourne-based recruitment agency that specialises in delivering world-class design and technology talent to client partners spanning large multi-national corporations to start-ups.

Launched in 2020 as an agile, efficient, ethical and passionate recruitment workshop, Muse leverages a relentless curiosity to discover the industry’s most brilliant minds and truly understand the unique needs of businesses that are designing for the future.

While our approach to recruitment is deeply considered, at Muse we aim to keep things simple and personal – the human factor is never lost on us.

When we receive a brief, we really listen and make it our prerogative to learn. When engaged to provide counsel, we do so in an honest and unbiased manner.

We strive to be the perfectly positioned extension of the team, motivated by a single-minded goal to connect the right people and help unlock their combined potential.

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